Solidarity with Ukraine

Berkshire for Europe stands with the Ukraine, a fellow European country invaded by a despot trying to rebuild the Russian empire. The age of empires is in the past. I am of Latvian heritage and the horrors of the Russian occupation are still raw scars even though it was decades ago. The brutal invasion of Ukraine should be resisted by all freedom loving nations. If you want to support the Ukrainian struggle, show solidarity by assisting the local Ukrainian Community Centre, who are actively demonstrating and supporting their relations in the homeland. Click here for a link to their Facebook page.

Please also consider writing to your MP to ask for Ukrainian citizens to be allowed to enter the UK freely without a Visa. Currently our government are not facilitating this, even though other countries, such as Ireland, have done so.

You might also like to donate to the Embassy of Ukraine – they are raising money to provide humanitarian assistance to Ukraine’s civilian population. Click here for more information.


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