NHS action day – january 2018

Successful day in Reading Campaigning against the destructive effect of Brexit on the NHS – Saturday 27 January

Coming together in Reading, Berkshire for Europe, European Movement. Open Britain, West Berkshire Stronger Together, Maidenhead for EU, The 48% Wokingham and Windsor for EU joined forces to fight Brexit and the damage it will do to the NHS.

A very successful event with many activists braving the terrible weather conditions on Saturday the 27th!

We even got on Channel 4 news!!! see https://www.channel4.com/news/is-brexit-damaging-the-nhs

The theme was how Brexit will impact the NHS in particular the Euratom organization dealing with the provision of care for those cancer sufferers using radio nuclides for their treatment. We import virtually all our radio nuclides from nearby in Europe. It is critically important the UK remains in Euratom for our NHS, as our membership has meant that cancer patients in the UK have been able to receive vital radiotherapy treatments without supply-related disruptions and uncertainties. Importing these from further afield will add to the cost due the short half life of these materials and add to the time in getting treatment.

No one voted to leave Euratom, the relevant communities were not duly consulted and there is no benefit to leaving Euratom. There is not sufficient time to agree the myriad of bilateral agreements required to compensate for leaving Euratom, especially when the Brexit negotiations are in stalemate. We call on the government to retain membership of Euratom and protect our NHS in our future relationship with Europe. A petition is available for the public to sign here.

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And finally a big THANK YOU to all our volunteers!!!