Brexit are you being served

A dialogue for Berkshire with Lord (Andrew) Adonis

Organised by Berkshire for Europe

We are delighted to have Lord Adonis speaking in Berkshire. Join us to hear more about crucial Brexit issues as we head towards the final lap of the EU withdrawal deal, and how you can add your voice to the debate.

We are also inviting a cross-party panel of speakers and plan to have a dynamic discussion.

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The Brexit fault lines are cracking open. The government is in turmoil and the risks are becoming clear. The political infighting is about party not country. Jobs, industry and the NHS are at stake. How ‘free’ will we really be?

The evidence suggests that companies will move out of the UK to keep the benefits of being in the EU Single Market. Some already are announcing plans to go. Businesses in and around the Thames Valley will be affected.

There has been a staggering 90 per cent drop in foreign investment and a £20 billion bill to set up new customs arrangements. Small businesses fear they will lose trade if we leave the Customs Union, and it could be disastrous for industries that are dependent on supply chains in the EU.

People’s ability to get medical treatment is put at risk because we are leaving critical organisations such as Euratom and the European Medicines Agency. There has already been a sharp drop in the number of EU nurses who are willing to work for the NHS, and we haven’t left yet.

So are you being served a lemon? Does leaving the EU protect your interests and those of your friends and family? Do you feel the real issues are being ignored by a government so overloaded with pursuing Brexit that it has no bandwidth for the things that really matter?

Brexit is a big deal but it is not a done deal. However, timing is ever more critical as the deal with the EU has to be finalised this autumn. If the government cannot pull together around a coherent position, there is a very real risk of no deal by next March, and then what should we do?

Lord Adonis is a Labour member of the House of Lords. He is a former Transport Secretary under the Labour government, and was the founding chair of the National Infrastructure Commission until last December. He is campaigning for Britain to stay in the European Union, arguing that Brexit can and must be reversed. His amendments in the House of Lords have sought to call the government to account, challenging its red lines in the EU withdrawal negotiations. He has been touring the country, speaking to people in all walks of life, to gauge their opinions. We very much look forward to hearing from him about his findings on tour, as well as the Brexit debates in Westminster.

Date and time: Thu 14 June 2018, 19:15 – 21:00 BST

Venue: Maiden Erlegh School in Reading, 81 Crescent Road, Reading, RG1 5SL, UK

Doors open at 6.45 for 7.15 start. Please bring your ticket with you – either print out or on mobile app.

Transport/parking options for getting to and from the event


There is a car park behind the venue on Hamilton Road, although we expect it to be busy. To access the car park, drive past the school on Crescent Road and turn left up Hamilton Road. Drive up the hill until you see the car park gates on the left, where you will see the sign for Maiden Erlegh Reading School parking.

To reach the hall, follow the sign for ‘Reception’ and walk down the path to the school. Walk around the building to the front entrance and enter through the main doors.

Public transport: Bus route no 17 to Wokingham Road.

Train: Nearest rail station is Earley. From Reading station, the venue is a 10-20 minute taxi ride, depending on traffic.