Write to your MP

How to write to your MP?

1. Identify your MP

Not sure who is your MP? click here.

2. Notes for quick emails

These notes are based on the assumptions

(a) that we could be doing a lot more to get at our MPs of whatever stripe,

(b) that writing in sufficient numbers will at the least help to fly our flag and needle our adversaries (you know who they are…) and at the best have some influence on MPs but that

(c) none of us has time to write long detailed letters with any regularity,

(d) that MPs are more likely to read short sharp mails than long rambling letters and finally

(e) that MPs might feel more constrained by a steady stream of short mails from several people than by one long letter from one individual.

With that in mind, what easy steps to take?

1) Select a topic. Your best bet here is the In Facts site (https://infacts.org), which offers plenty to choose from and which you should, as an anti-Brexit activist, be looking at anyway.

2) Assess your MP. Is (s)he sympathetic, dithering, or totally recalcitrant? Others may not be and may require more politeness (‘Dear’ at the start, ‘yours sincerely’ at the end, and your full name).

3) Summarise it in no more than 30-40 words, starting with a 10-word overview and following up with illustration.

Example: 412 days after Article 50 triggered and UK economy flatlining: 0.1% first-quarter growth, devaluation-fuelled manufacturing revival halted, construction in recession, consumer confidence battered, while other OECD countries power ahead… all thanks to the Leave vote.

Again, this is rather telegraphic – a message to a less recalcitrant MP might require complete sentences.

4) Close with a question in no more than 20 words, designed to cause maximum awkwardness for the unhappy Brexiteer.

Example: Still confident about the UK Economy?

Or something longer for others (‘How confident can we really be that the economy can resume a stable pattern of growth?’).

5) Sign off. with your name and address so your MP can respond to you with a letter as needed.