Townhall rally MAI

80 anti-Brexit campaigners demonstrated in Maidenhead calling on the government to halt the rush to quit the European Union.

Our sister branch Maidenhead for EU organised a Regional Rallies for the EU on Saturday the 24th march to commiserate on the anniversary of the triggering of Article 50 and call on the government to stop Brexit.

It was a great success.

The turn out last year was a meagre 9 people, this year between 60 to 80 people turned up to demonstrate during the event in front of Maidenhead Town Hall, in Theresa may’s own constituency!Just shows the passion! Some came as far as Winchester and Oxford, we salute them! The rally caused discussion in the local Maidenhead FB pages and was overheard being discussed in the local pubs. Some members of the public came up to us and asked how they could support us. A good day, and our thanks to John Barron for organising the event.

We made it into the local press too (Maidenhead advertiser).

Windsor for Europe also teamed up with MfEu and created this great video.

Come and join us at the next event!

Photograph: Mark P.