People s Vote

April 19, 2018

Press release from Berkshire for Europe – Launch of The People’s Vote in Reading and Bracknell


Pro-European campaigners were out in force in Reading and Bracknell on Saturday 14th April, taking part in the national launch of the People’s Vote (#PeoplesVote ; @peoplesvote_uk), a national campaign calling for a a public vote on the final Brexit deal that includes the option to stay in the European Union.

Supporters of local pro-European group Berkshire for Europe gave out dozens of special postcards which people will send to local MPs to ask them to back a public vote. They also urged voters to back pro-EU council candidates and parties in the forthcoming local council elections on May 3. (see attached pictures)

Business in Berkshire could be significantly affected if Britain leaves the EU. Of the estimated 855 businesses owned by a foreign company in Berkshire, more than a third are based in the European Union. A recent survey[1] from the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply revealed that one in seven businesses from EU countries with a presence in Britain have already moved parts of their business out of the country because of concerns about disruption after Brexit. This is huge area of concern for the economy and jobs in this region, if we were to go ahead and leave the EU. Reading and Slough are set to be among the most impacted town of England regardless of the deal, according to an analysis[2] of the ink tank Centre for Cities and the Centre for Economic Performance at the London School of Economics.

‘We had a lot of support in both Reading and Bracknell this weekend, and it was heartening to see people actively coming up to speak to us and to support the new campaign,’ the Berkshire for Europe chair, Peter Leisupe said. ‘People are clearly concerned about the impact of Brexit on the economy and many voiced their dismay that the promise of £350m a week for the NHS was a lie. Now that the truth about Brexit is emerging, it’s only fair that the people have another say.’

The Berkshire for Europe team


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