British wine wholesaler ‘leaves Brexitland for good’ over paperwork

The Guardian 26th July 2022

Daniel Lambert, who supplies M&S, Waitrose and 300 independent retailers, to set up in France after £150,000 hole in revenue

Before Brexit, transporting wine across the Channel was relatively straightforward. After Brexit, it has turned into a nightmare.

Still, we’ve got blue passports now!

UK chemicals sector hit by £2bn Brexit red tape bill

FT 26th July 2022

George Parker and Peter Foster

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The chemicals sector faces a £2bn hit of post-Brexit red tape, twice the cost of initial industry estimates, as Britain sets up its own regulatory regime, ministers have warned.

The Defra impact assessment implied a £91,000 bill for each substance registered under the UK scheme known as UK Reach.

During the Brexit trade negotiations, the UK failed to negotiate reciprocal access to the equivalent EU database. UK chemical companies now face huge bills to register in UK Reach.


The Independent 25th July 2022

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British passport holders must now have their travel documents inspected and stamped.

Just when we all thought the queuing in Dover and Folkestone this weekend was a temporary inconvenience that will soon be sorted out.

The next steps, which are due to be introduced in May 2023, will involve more red tape. Passport stamping will end. Every traveller must be fingerprinted and provide a facial biometric instead.

The EU will introduce an “entry exit system” (EES) that will record the movements of non-EU visitors.

British travellers are restricted to 90 days stay in any 180 days, but checks currently depend on checking passport stamps and are haphazard.

Protocol on Ireland/Northern Ireland: EU Commission launches four new infringement procedures against the UK 22nd July 2022

The European Commission has today launched four new infringement procedures against the United Kingdom for not complying with significant parts of the Protocol on Ireland / Northern Ireland

1. Failing to comply with the applicable customs requirements, supervision requirements and risk controls on the movement of goods from Northern Ireland to Great Britain.

2.Failing to notify the transposition of EU legislation laying down general EU rules on excise duties,

3. Failing to notify the transposition of EU rules on excise duties on alcohol and alcoholic beverages.

4. Failing to implement EU rules on Value Added Tax (VAT) for e-commerce, namely the Import One-Stop Shop (IOSS).

Green groups in last-ditch bid to block UK’s Australia trade deal

The Guardian 19th July 2022

Environmental campaigners have launched a last-ditch legal bid to prevent or delay the UK’s trade deal with Australia.

The groups – include WWF, Sustain, Green Alliance, Compassion in World Farming, the Soil Association, the Trade Justice Movement and the Tenant Farmers’ Association.

Under the Australian trade deal, the UK could be opened up to Australian beef and other farm products that are subject to lower standards, including on the use of antibiotics on livestock and of harmful pesticides, than are legal in the UK.

Flaws in the UK / New Zealand trade deal exposed by separate EU arrangements. 15th July 2022

Chris Southworth, the director of the International Chamber of Commerce, speaking on the Farming Today programme, when asked if the UK-New Zealand trade deal left British farmers at a disadvantage compared to EU farmers, agrees the new UK / NZ trade deal is potentially damaging to UK food and farming interests.

Jail water firm bosses over pollution, says watchdog

The Guardian 15th July 2022

The Environmental Agency is awarding star ratings for water company performance ratings. Southern Water is only one star (the worst category) and Thames Water is just two star.

The agency said water firms’ performance had declined to the worst seen in years.

Although this report doesn’t mention Brexit, it cannot be a coincidence that the absence of EU standards and obligations has allowed the companies to behave irresponsibly. They obviously aren’t frightened of the UK regulations or penalties!

Post-Brexit visa rules a ‘disaster’ for arts, says Edinburgh festival director

The Guardian 11th July 2022

The outgoing director of the Edinburgh International festival has called for the UK’s visa and exports rules to be greatly simplified to allow musicians and artists to travel overseas far more smoothly

Fergus Linehan, said the UK’s post-Brexit visa rules had been a “disaster” for the arts and for artists by stifling collaboration and travel.

Just another business suffering from Brexit!

said the UK’s post-Brexit visa rules had been a “disaster” for the arts and for artists by stifling collaboration and making it harder for British artists to tour abroad.

Bracknell MP James Sunderland quits Government role as pressure mounts on Prime Minister Boris Johnson

Get Reading 6th July 2022

Writing letters to your MP is never a waste of time it seems!

In his resignation statement James Sunderland has said

“I have today resigned as Parliamentary Private Secretary to DEFRA. I would like to thank everyone who has taken the trouble to share their views with me in recent months. I continue to serve the people of Bracknell, Crowthorne, Finchampstead, Sandhurst and Wokingham Without to the best of my ability.”