UK trade performance falls to worst level on record in first quarter. Financial Times 30th June 2022

The ONS (Office for National Statistics) has made adjustments to increase the confidence in these figures. They are frightening.

Paul Dales, chief economist at Capital Economics, said the most noteworthy elements in the figures was a 4.4 per cent fall in real exports and a huge 10.4 per cent leap in real imports.

I am just a normal consumer. In the last week, I’ve seen essential products (for my Mercedes car) for me from Germany, took three weeks to arrive, when a few years back they would have taken three days. The price looks to have gone up at least 50%

Voting for the Northern Ireland Protocol Bill

My MP for Bracknell, James Sunderland voted for this Bill. Interesting that the MP for Maidenhead, Theresa May didn’t vote for this Bill. She abstained.

Now might be the time to start thinking about whether Recalling some of our Berkshire MPs might be possible. At what stage and by who can we attach Law Breaker to these MPs?

What if …

Just imagine if the by-election result for Tiverton and Honiton were reproduced across the country in the next General Election.

If the Tiverton and Honiton by-election result were achieved at the next General Election across the country. The whole of Berkshire would fall to the LibDems!

Bracknell, Windsor, Maidenhead, Slough, Reading East and Reading West, Newbury would all be LibDem.

The LibDems would win 332 seats and form the Government and they would have a 12 seat majority!

By-elections in Wakefield and also Tiverton and Honiton

These are my personal views. Terry Enga

Yesterday’s two by-elections were clear protest votes. The winners, Labour in Wakefield and the LibDems in Tiverton and Honiton, want to claim their respective wins were affirming their national policies. That’s a little wishful thinking. Labour lost it’s deposit in Tiverton and Honiton and the LibDems didn’t stand in Wakefield. I think both by-elections were a rejection of Johnson and his policies.

There’s more though. These two by-elections were caused by the sitting MPs’ appalling behaviour, in Wakefield for being found guilty of sex offences and in Tiverton and Honiton viewing porn on multiple occasions in the House of Commons. The by-elections were caused because of the sitting MPs’ lack of standards. The campaigns though were fought on the Prime Minister’s, his Minister’s and his Government’s lack of decency and standards. These standards pivot around truth and trust. The standard they all fail, is truth. They lie, they get found out and they lie again. Whether it’s Brexit, Covid, Employment, Immigraton, Law, the Prime Minister has lied and been found out.

The voters are saying loud and clear, that they want better. The challenge for Labour and the LibDems is that they are publicly supporting Brexit that was won on lies. That must not be sustained, following this massive public rejection of the low standards in public office shown by the Tories. If Labour and the LibDems reject lying to the voters, they must reject policies like Brexit, created from lies, delivered with lies and the disastrous consequences covered up with lies!

If both Labour and the LibDems carry on with the same Brexit policies as the Tories, they are saying lying doesn’t matter and they are saying the protest votes in Wakefield and Tiverton and Honiton don’t change anything!


We have been a bit quiet over the last month as it’s winter, but we did give support to our friends Open Britain Reading in the campaign against this government’s undemocratic Elections Bill, which is a case study in voter suppression.

We had excellent coverage in the one of Reading’s local newspapers, Reading Today.

Berkshire for Europe Social

After the success of the last Berkshire for Europe Social, in November, our next one will again be in the Outlook Pub, Kings Road, Reading, on Tuesday 1st March from 7:30 pm onwards.

We will be in the cellar bar. Food can be ordered from the main bar or just join us for some drinks, and a chat, plus learn about future programmes and events. Meet with like-minded people and discuss what we can do next to help reverse the Brexit disaster. 

Please do come … it will be great to see you all!