Protest against Farage

On Friday, Berkshire for Europe and Open Britain Reading, along with other groups, demonstrated at Reading Minster against the presence of Nigel Farage on the panel of Any Questions.

We are pro EU groups who support closer ties with our friends in the EU with the aim of Customs Union and Single Market membership and thereafter the potential to rejoin as a voting member.

Mr Farage, through his actions, has diminished the UK’s standing in the world and weakened our negotiating powers. More favourable trade deals are with those with greater economic strength – which the EU has. He has also weakened the western alliance in the face of the increasingly assertive Russia and China. The fishing industry has been thrown under bus, an industry he famously championed under his message of ‘taking back control’. Withdrawal from the single market and customs union has added to the costly red tape burden on industry, which is the exact opposite of what Farage and his friends promised. Then there is the question of Northern Ireland. Brexit may yet sink the Good Friday agreement – people may die! His actions could facilitate the break-up of the UK! And separately to the Brexit arguments, his comments about the RNLI show a complete disregard for the lives of those seeking sanctuary.

We also objected to presence of Nigel Farage on Any Questions in general. He appears on BBC programmes a disproportionate number of times, to the determent of other groups. There are other right-wing commentators and parties – why are they not chosen more often?

For these reasons Berkshire for Europe and Open Britain Reading will continue to protest against Farage and his dangerous populist ideology when he visits Berkshire. The man has done incalculable harm to the UK.

Berkshire for Europe

Open Britain Reading


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