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Campaigners taking to towns across Berkshire – Reading, Bracknell, Slough, Wokingham, Maidenhead and Pangbourne as part of a huge People’s Vote National Day of Action

Groups campaigning for a People’s Vote will be out in force on the streets of Reading, Bracknell, Slough, Wokingham, Maidenhead, and Pangbourne campaigning for National Day of Action together with thousands of people across the UK.

The National Day of Action is being organised by activists and supporters from the People’s Vote Campaign, just days before a crucial vote in Parliament on the government’s Brexit plans.

As well as the towns across Berkshire, events are taking place all over the country, with thousands of activists and supporters involved. Street stalls will be set up in towns and cities the length and breadth of the country. This will be the last action day before Parliament votes on the deal on December 11th.

Saturday’s National Day of Action follows the People’s Vote Summer of Action, which saw hugely successful rallies take place across the country, including in Bristol, Edinburgh, and in London, where the People’s Vote March for the Future saw a crowd of over 700,000 take to the streets.

Opinion Polls consistently show a clear majority of voters in most constituencies across Britain want their say on Brexit in a People’s Vote.

The government’s current Brexit deal will require the UK to pay a £50 billion divorce bill, but we’ll get nothing in return. Instead, we’ll lose all our rights as an EU member – with less trade, fewer opportunities, and lower living standards.

British people will lose the right to live, work or study visa-free around Europe. And following what would be the biggest single biggest loss of sovereignty and control in British history, we would continue to follow EU rules, and have no say over how they’re made.

Even the government itself has now admitted that the Brexit deal will severely harm our economy. Dominic Raab, the Cabinet Minister who was supposedly responsible for negotiating Brexit, has said this deal is worse than staying in the EU.

Caroline Kuipers Chair Open Britain Berkshire & Reading, said:

“People don’t have to accept a bad Brexit, they can demand their voice is heard. It is now time also for MPs to stand up for what they believe to be the best for this country. It is clear that whether you voted Leave or Remain, what we were promised is not what we see in the deal now.

The public has the right to have the final say on this crucial decision because, in the end this is going to impact significantly future generations, families and communities across Berkshire, so this why we are seeking their opinions.”

Peter Leisupe, Chair Berkshire for Europe, said:

“The UK public need to be consulted on what is being offered as a “Deal”. Both the withdrawal Agreement and the Political Declaration are nowhere near what was promised by Leave during the Referendum or even by Mrs May at beginning of the negotiations of the withdrawal process.

As the populist statements made by leave hit the hard wall of reality, the truth is coming clear. Brexit will do immense harm to this country and its much loved institutions such as the NHS. Our standing in the world is rapidly eroding, as can be seen at recent multinational events such as the G20 summit. Membership of the EU gives the UK Prosperity, Peace and importantly Power in an increasingly uncertain world”

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