GE 2017

2017 General Elections recommendations

As promised, we’re recommending specific candidates, so that people know which ones are most pro-EU.

Of course, it’s up to you to make your choice. And we wouldn’t dream of telling you how to mark your ballot paper. But we’re offering guidance based on information we’ve sourced ourselves, allowing people to make their own, informed decisions.

Our recommendations are based on whether candidates were prepared to sign up to our pro-EU pledge –”I pledge that, if elected, I will fight for the United Kingdom’s place in the European Union.” Responses are summarised in the links below.

Both Reading constituencies are considered safe Tory seats by VoteSmart analysis. And there are separate tactical voting drives backing Labour in these constituencies, but we’re pushing Lib Dem candidates as only these have signed up to our pledge. So we’re still recommending specific candidates in Reading East and West, but do study the available information and make your own choice.

Please find attached a document giving each candidate’s response in each constituency when asked to sign up to our pledge, and a spreadsheet giving constituency data, including referendum voting info, majority and electorate sizes, who has taken the Vote for Europe pledge and who is against a hard Brexit.