Council Election

Election to the Council of Berkshire for Europe

Members only

This section only concerns group members as only they can stand for Council roles or take part in the election.

To become a member, you must transfer £5 to (PayPal) or contact us so that we can give you an address to send a cash payment. You will receive formal notification of membership and be able to take part in elections or stand for Council. As a member, you would be involved in setting the strategy and direction of the group and be invited to the AGM in early 2018.



Change of Chair: Marie French has decided after a year as Chair of Berkshire for Europe that it is time for a fresh pair of eyes and some new ideas to move the group forward. As such she will be stepping down as Chair as soon as her replacement has been elected.

Vice Chair: To support the new Chair, the Council agreed to elect a second Vice Chair. The exact split of roles between the Chair and the two Vice Chairs can be agreed between them once all three are in place.

Secretary: Our Secretary, Tim Kershaw, has stepped down from his role and as such we will need to elect a new Secretary for the Council.

Events Officer: Due to an exciting opportunity to study abroad, Hania Orzsulik will be stepping down as Events Officer.

The role descriptions are at the bottom of the email.

If you wish to put yourself forward for one or another of the roles, please send an email to with the Title: Application – Role of XXX with details of which role(s) you would like to stand for and up to 300 words which other members can read when making their decision upon voting. This paragraph should include any qualifications or experience you have that would help with the role and some detail about what you would plan to do as part of that role.

It is crucial for the continuation of our campaign that we elect four people to these roles by the end of the summer so please consider standing for one of the roles.


  1. Candidates have until Sunday 20 August to submit their candidacy for one or more of the roles.
  2. A survey will then be sent out to all members for them to vote for the candidate of their choice for each role on line. The survey will be available for 2 weeks until Sunday 3 September.
  3. The make-up of the new Council will be shared with members on the week commencing 4th of September and details of the first Council meeting will be made available.



The Chair sets a vision and development plan for the group, and is accountable for ensuring that it meets legal and constitutional requirements. The Chair also provides the link to other groups and keeps the group informed of national and other local initiatives.

Vice Chair

The Vice Chair supports the Chair to manage and drive forward the group, including standing in for the Chair where necessary.


This role is crucial for the group. The secretary manages the group’s documentation including actions and minutes coming out of meetings. This role also owns and maintains the distribution list. The secretary organises the council’s meetings but no other events.

Events Officer

The group needs an organised person to get our public and national events organised. This applies to our public conferences and also gathering up local people to come to national events and taking part in initiatives such as leafleting etc on a local level. High energy levels and organisation are a must for this central role.