Trade from UK to EU 16% lower than if Brexit had not happened, report findsEconomic and Social Research Institute analysis found ‘substantial reduction in number of products traded’The GuardianLisa O’Carroll Brexit correspondent@lisaocarrollThu 20 Oct 2022 06.00 BST

Exports to the EU down 16% (compared to where it would be without Brexit).

Meanwhile UK imports from the EU has dropped even further, by 20%.

The Art of Statistics

Professor David Spiegelhalter. Cambridge University

About 1/2 hour presentation and 1/2 hour Q/A

This UTube video from Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University, is easy to follow, very informative and topical.

Increasingly the evidence for the failure of Brexit is coming at us in numbers that quite frankly, the public and our media commentators, are failing to grasp. Some of this might be political spin, but it might just be ineptness in handling and understanding the numbers.

The numbers though, are important and watching this video helps, by showing how to communicate these numbers in a clear way. This will help us with our Rejoin the EU message.


Terry’s note to his MP

My 32nd letter to James Sunderland MP for Bracknell.

Dear James Sunderland,

I note that you voted last night to support the start of Fracking again in England.

This breaks a Manifesto pledge your party made at the last General Election.

I look forward to personally profiting from the benefits your vote will be bringing to Bracknell.

Please share any other environmental enhancements you plan to support for us.

Yours sincerely,

Terry Enga

The Observer‘Things will only get worse’: fears top scientists may shun UK over Brexit

Sunday 9th October 2022

Brexit has brought us to a world where everything is

“We have”

“We were“

“We used to do”

We are now Billy no mates. We used to be leaders in science. Now scientists are leaving. Students go elsewhere and the EU Horizon Research Programmes is looking likely to be closed for us. It’s more than Brexit. It’s because post Brexit our Tory Government now with its fourth PM on the trot, has gone out of its way to insult, ignore and obstruct our EU neighbours.

Now they are reaping what they’ve sown.