The Chairman’s views

From the January 2020 newsletter

Well, what a difference a month makes! Boris Johnson and Partygate! Are we to see the end of possibly the worse Prime Minster since Lord North? This is a case of political arrogance and it’s a blatant example of his one rule for me and another rule for ‘the plebs’ arrogance! The man was sacked as a journalist for lying, which says a lot. The current disputes over the Northern Ireland protocol show that Johnson is not in control of his brief and that he has a poor understanding of what he signed up for. He is not fit to be Prime Minster. But the question remains, who will replace him, and will they be any better? Or alternatively, will the Sue Gray report be a ‘grey wash’?

And we still await the mythical benefits of Brexit. I do not think a Crown mark on a pint mug is one, as there was nothing stopping us having the mark when we were a member of the EU. The under reporting of the Brexit-related queues at Dover by the mainstream media is concerning. It is interesting to note that BBC Reality Check team contradicted a BBC news report which stated that the Dover Chaos was not caused by Brexit!


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