Anti-Farage protest

Berkshire for Europe has been waking up from its winter slumber. Events have driven us to action! The first was Nigel Farage’s visit to Reading for the BBC Radio 4 Any Questions programme. We had to give the man, who has caused this country immeasurable harm, a ‘warm’ Reading welcome. Other groups joined us at the venue of Reading Minster, including Steve Bray and his SODEM friends and we certainly made our presence known during the broadcast.

The protest gave Berkshire for Europe and our friends Open Britain Reading our best local media coverage ever! Coverage in the Reading Chronicle can be found here: Nigel Farage called ‘fascist’ on BBC 4’s Any Questions | Reading Chronicle

Also, our letter to the editor explaining why we protested was published in full. Read it here Protest against Farage – Campaign For Europe In Berkshire (

We also had coverage in the Reading Today publication. My thanks to Mark Palmer for organising the demonstration at very short notice.


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