Extend the Transition Period

Thank you to everyone who joined last night’s call on how we maximise the public campaign for an extension to the Brexit Transition Phase.  We are all in our own way influencers, whether through letter writing, social media or just with our friends and colleagues. 

Letters – There is no harm in multiple letters to the press, MPs and others, so please use your own thoughts and the material we have shared to do these. 

Freedom of Information – If you can submit a Freedom of Information request to your local Council please let us know so that we can check we have everywhere covered (we have already done Wokingham, )

Len has said he will do Reading, and Rosie Windsor & Maidenhead!  Anyone else for the other areas? Thanks.

Social Media Warriors Arise! – Peter has kicked this off today – We need your help again to fight in the foul swamp that is Social media! We need warriors to fight on the beaches of facebook, twitter and Instagram for the noble cause of the extending the Transition period, if we leave with no deal the economic harm will significantly increase the pain created by Covid-19.  We call on you to fight this righteous war!  We will provide the weapons; memes, information cartoons, letters. Have a look  https://www.facebook.com/groups/313816748959296/  or contact Peter and Beth!

Please find the links below 

  • last nights presentation
  • Calling for Extension / No Deal Report.  This report tracks Trade Associations and Business organizations that have either called for an Extension to the Transition phase or raised issues that the business would face regarding a No Deal Brexit. This report will be updated on a regular basis as we  identify further organizations willing to  “voice” their concerns.

Please do get in touch if you have any further ideas, questions, and if you are happy to please share any responses that you receive.  Meanwhile good luck and thank you for all your efforts!

The Team.


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