Foreword from our new Chair, Adrian Betteridge

It is my pleasure and honour to succeed Peter Leisupe as Chair of Berkshire for Europe. Peter has worked tirelessly for our organisation since its formation in 2016 and we would not be of the scale and influence we are today without him.

These are very difficult times for everyone in the UK and around the world, dealing with the pandemic threat that threatens lives and has turned things as we know them upside down. Our first focus is on helping everyone get through the crisis as best we can, and it is wonderful to hear of so many Berkshire for Europe and Open Britain Berkshire members volunteering in their communities. 

Living through Coronavirus will change our society and how it feels about our neighbours and the world. Once the pain has healed this may well be for the better, as people understand our interdependence and common interests. This can only help in our campaign to reunite the UK and the EU. Berkshire for Europe is organising for this campaign, as we described at our AGM. Keep an eye on our website for more information on our plans.


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