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Berkshire for Europe Annual General Meeting – Postponement and Change of Format

We are postponing our Annual General Meeting with guest speakers as a result of the current circumstances relating to Coronavirus Covid 19.  Whilst current official advice is that such events need not be cancelled, we are conscious that supporters may feel at risk from attending and that numbers will be significantly reduced, undermining the meeting.  We are intending to re-schedule and to use an on-line conferencing system which anyone with an internet connection can join, on the new date of 30 March.  Please watch out for further information over the next two weeks. 

We will contact Berkshire for Europe members directly with regard to the election of Officers of the organisation, which we will complete in time to announce in the new meeting.  If you are not a paid-up member of the organisation but wish to take part in the election, please contact us at

We believe that it is important that we re-engage with all our members and supporters and explain and discuss our plans for the future with you.  Thank you for your continued support, and we hope that you will be able to join the meeting on-line on Monday 30th March.

Peter Leisupe, Chairman, and the Berkshire for Europe Committee.

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