The Kiss

I was working with a local painting group on the theme of Klimt’s painting, The Kiss, and we were asked to produce our own version of an embrace painted in Klimt’s style. I took a painting by Theophile Steinlen and adapted it.

While I was painting, it occurred to me that Klimt’s painting is far more predatory than romantic and, at the same time, I was whimsically reminded of Trump’s hair by the shape of Steinlen’s hat. I suddenly saw an opportunity to express the apparent seduction of our Brexit-obsessed government by a US-led economic fantasy as a substitute for our membership in the EU and the loss of all the rights that that entails. Mrs May looks conflicted in her response to Trump’s advances as the European crown slips off her head. Will she or won’t she succumb?

The attempted subjugation of Mrs May and our future independence by the wrap around Stars and Stripes in some fantasy, post-Brexit world market also alludes to the current revolt against sexual harassment. The #maytoo was a gift!