Did you expect this? A hung Parliament!

Well, we wouldn’t have predicted this at the start of the campaign – this week’s election has given us a Hung Parliament. That means a great deal of uncertainty, and, of course, that anti-Brexit parties could well have the balance of power.

It means our campaign is more needed than ever, to push for a revoking of Article 50, now more likely than it was before the election, and to hold the Brexiteers to account, and to do all we can to fight to stop this madness. Remember, it’s not over until we’re truly out, Article 50 can still be revoked, whatever you may have heard. So there is still so much to be done, still so much we can achieve together.

We need your help in campaigning for the cause, now more than ever. Please join us, and do what you can to support our work.

However, the pace of the past few months has taken its toll, and we’re all feeling a little battle-weary. That’s why we’re taking a bit of a break over July and August, and standing back to recharge our batteries before taking up the campaign with renewed energy in the autumn. Don’t worry,though, we’re going nowhere, and, like the Terminator we’ll be back, with full details of events, and everything else we’ll have going on once the leaves start falling off the trees.

Keep an eye on the website, and our social media accounts, they’ll still be updated.

Have good summers. We look forward to picking up the fight with you again in September!

Berkshire for Europe