Yes but no but – GENERAL ELECTION!

Well, we were as shocked as anyone when, slap bang after the Easter break, Theresa May announced she was seeking the approval of the House of Commons to hold a general election on June 8, approval which has since been granted. In her speech she claimed that the reason for her decision was that MPs were refusing to unite behind her Brexit ambitions, while the country is.

In reality, she knows that her current situation is untenable – she has a slim majority in parliament, her party have failed to come together and she still faces opposition in the House of Lords. On top of this, the country has never been so divided. She has also claimed that “Britain is leaving the European Union and there can be no turning back”.

We strongly disagree, in fact, the upcoming general election is precisely our opportunity to ensure that the UK stays a full member of the European Union.

Although it will take some time for political parties to detail their positions on Brexit, the most important thing to do in the first instance is to make sure you are registered to vote, if you are not already. You can do so here.

Since the announcement, we’ve been gathering forces and putting a strategy together. We’ll obviously be backing the most pro-EU candidates in each of our county’s eight Parliamentary constituencies. We’re not party political, so will be working with whichever candidate in each constituency has the strongest pro-EU stance, regardless of which party they belong to. We may not have been expecting this election, but we’re ready for (and relishing) the fight. However, we’re going to need your help in the six weeks ahead, during which we’re likely to be massively busy. This is a unique opportunity to stop Brexit, and the closest we’ll get to a second referendum. There will be no further chances.

We’ll need people to leaflet in town centres, knock on doors, research, deliver leaflets and more. So get in touch or come to one of our regular drinks gatherings. We were pleased to hold our first meet up in Wokingham recently, and our next Reading drinks takes place next week on Wednesday April 26th at the Three Guineas pub in front of Reading main station. Come along and find out how you can be involved.