A.C. Grayling, Stop the Silence and a pro-EU day in Reading

It’s been so busy here at Berkshire for Europe we’ve barely had time to draw breath! Here’s our regular round-up of what we’ve been up to – and how you can become involved with the local anti-Brexit campaign in this crucial month, which sees key votes in the House of Lords. March is also, of course, the month of Prime Minister Theresa May’s arbitrary, self-imposed deadline for triggering Article 50.

So, what’s been going on?

AC Grayling in Reading

We were thrilled that the Brain of Remain himself, Professor AC Grayling, came to Reading to speak last Friday evening. One of our leading, and most eloquent, pro-EU voices, Professor Grayling is a philosopher and Master of London’s New College of the Humanities. During a powerful address, he reminded us of the referendum’s poor construction, of the groups who were denied a voice in it, and of the many bene

fits of the European project. He also highlighted the potential dangers of the UK’s departure from the Union, and urged us to ask Leavers – who benefits from Brexit? The answer of course is the nation’s richest, insulated by their wealth and less in need of the advantages of membership.

We filled a sizeable room at Reading University (which doesn’t itself endorse our campaign) and took nearly £500 in donations on the door which will hugely help advance our campaign. We’re sure that AC Grayling’s visit will have attracted new members to join the campaign, while giving fresh inspiration and encouragement to us all. Thanks to everyone who took the time to come along, and, of course, to Professor Grayling as well.

We’re pin-up people

We’ve become poster girls and boys as part of the ‘From the 48% to Theresa May’ crowdfunding drive which has been hugely successful. The campaign has allowed us to have our very own billboard in Reading, on Basingstoke Road South at the corner with Elgar Road. (The postcode is RG2 0DP.)

The poster was a reminder of all the things we did NOT vote for, from a hard Brexit to price rises to hate crimes.

A group of us were photographed in front of the billboard on Sunday morning – we reckon we (and, more importantly the poster) look pretty good. Bowl along and see it for yourself, or look out for it if you’re driving past!

Stalls stop the campaign from stalling

We were pleased to support local Lib Dems’ EU Day of Action in central Reading this Saturday in central Reading.

Working in shifts throughout the day, we handed out leaflets and balloons, and had some good conversations with passers-by as the EU flag flew proudly from the stall.

The occasion was also a good chance to raise awareness of the march in London this month (see below) and of Brexit issues generally. One common misconception, by the way is that Brexit is a done deal, when it most certainly is not, so we had some good conversations around that.

On the subject of stalls, we’ll be handing out leaflets in Broad Street ourselves on March 11 and 18 to drum up awareness and numbers for the big march on the 25th. We’ll need support so please come along if you can! Reply to this email and fill in our doodle poll so our organisers can get in touch and tell you what’s needed. If you’re a Facebooker, there are also events on the Berkshire 48 and Beyond group here – just add yourselves to the group to get regular updates and join into events (including the odd drinks: we were down at the Nag’s Head tonight – it’s not all hard work!)

Thank you for your support and hope to see a few of you out with us on Saturday to help spread the word!